Downtown Development Authority

Regular Meetings

  • 4:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Thursday of each month
  • Village Hall
    47 Cole Street
    Quincy, MI 49082
  • Authority will also meet as needed.


  • Karen Hargreave
  • Mike Hagaman
  • Larry Bailey
  • Gale Cutcher
  • Jeanne Crews
  • Sandy Spieth
  • Jacinda Locke
  • Rodney Bailey
  • Sarah Strong

About the Downtown Development & Tax Increment Financing Plan

The Village Council of the Village of Quincy approved and adopted the original Downtown Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan in 1992. A number of the projects initially proposed have been accomplished, but many still remain.  A new DDA Plan was approved by the DDA Board and Village Council in 2003.  The Board of Directors is currently reviewing both plans and anticipates an update in 2018.

The goal and objective in the plan are to be achieved by undertaking projects which will enhance the downtown as well as visually and physically connecting the development areas. These projects are intended to improve parking areas and provide for pedestrian connection between the parking areas and retail businesses. Focal points and public areas will be identified under this plan and other physical improvements will be undertaken which will create a more advantageous and attractive environment.

2003 DDA Plan Amendment

2003 Amendment TIF Revenues

1992 DDA Plan

Grant Opportunities

The Quincy Downtown Development Authority (DDA) desires to promote the Quincy downtown area. In order to promote this, the Downtown Development Authority works with various business owners and building owners to improve the visual qualities of the downtown area. In furtherance of that, the DDA has authorized matching grants for 50% of the qualifying amount for the exterior building renovation or remodeling, including signage affixed to the building (based on Zoning Approval). The maximum qualifying amount of the grant shall be as follows:

  • Rear, front, and signs: 50% of expenses, to a maximum reimbursement of $4,000
  • Roofs: 25% of expenses, to a maximum reimbursement of $1,000

Further, all remodeling and renovations must receive DDA approval prior to the commencement of the work.

Grant Documents